Mistress Of The Dark

ELVIRA Mistress Of The Dark

Cassandra Peterson made an iconic character when she introduces B-Horror movies fans in the late night TV show hosting various classic and not so classic movies with her comic wit. NECA licensed and introduced the Elvira 40 Years action figure.

The 8 inch action figure “ELVIRA” comes with 2 head sculpts a skull candle holder and a potions goblet. She is dressed in her iconic evening dress with a bit of a flare by revealing her large breasts. At the time this was a very controversial issue for the TV studios and the local communities. But, the show quickly gained traction and was picked up by stations all over the country in syndication. Cassandra gain a massive FAN base following.

Elvira continues to make appearances at ComicCons around the country.

We put together a Kitbash of NECA’s “Unpleasant Dreams” action figure because we saw the potential of make some more closely to the way many remember this Sexy Vixen. The Kitbash incluses an upgrade body which is a seamless super flex from TBLeague which adds a whole new dimension to posing the Mistress of the Dark.

We have also include several HD images and options for not only 2 versions but also Mini Elvira.


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