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There are many places to collect 1/6 scale action figures, we are adding more to the list. The list is based on quality of service and availability. Product quality is always subject to many things such as shipping, manufacture origin, artists/creator to name a few.

(*) unsecure site

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CompanyOnline(Store)ShippingStoreebay(usr)wikipedia aka
Tokyo, JP
Target Storestarget.comUSATarget Corp.
EKIA HOBBIESekiahobbies.comworld wideCA, USAekiahobbies
Ebay seller since 2011
Sideshowsideshow.comworld wideCA, USASideshow Collectibles
Now secure as of Nov 2021** (now points to secure)
noTokyo, JPHot Toys*Hong Kong
Big Bad Toy
world wideSomerset, Wi,
Non Active
Amazonamazon.comworld wideSeattle, USAAmazon Company
Toys Wonderlandwww.toyswonderland.comworld wideKwai Chung, Hong Kongtoyswonderlandhk
Non Active
ebay.comworld wideSan Jose, Ca, USAEBay
Monkey Depotmonkeydepot.comworldwideMesa, Arizona, USA
Blackops Toysblackopstoys.comWorldwideOregon, USAblackopstoys

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Disclaimer: We are not sponsored by any of these online stores. However, if you like to be a sponsor, feel free to reach to us on our online form. We will do product reviews on any items donated.

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