In the Works

It the ever changing world of social media and censorship, action figures with realistic qualities may get lost in the search.

Please email us your suggestions, as we try to get away from the stigma of NSFW dominating the searches. helpdesk@1one6sixth.comĀ  or

We do understand these bodies are more anatomically correct versus other action figure plastic bodies. This is a great feature for Artist who need inexpensive models who can pose in many realistic ways as a human model.( aka Drawing Mannequin)

Establishing Social Media Hashtags:

We hope to adopt a more artistic and creative hashtag for such action figure body toys with the TBLeague/Phicen Super Flexible Seamless Body. These are 1:6th scale action figures with 28 points of articulation and realistic skin tones.

prototype: #1one6sixth

Establishing Scale Spelling:

We hope to establish a more standard approach to the use of 1:6 vs 1/6 as well. Looking towards 1:6 as printed on the boxes.

Establishing A Rating System:

We hope to setup a rating system such a used by games and the ESRB organization(sample).

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