Putting Things To Scale

When it comes to 1/6, the details are amazing. It is sometimes hard though not to look at other scale items such as the 1/10 and 1/12 action figures.

1/12 head sculpt have a bit of catching up to do. While ZD Toys of the Iron Man series of collectibles have pushed the boundaries for 1/10 scaled compared to the 1/6 Hot Toys Iron Man series of the movie masterpiece series.

We love to hear from Collectors and Fans about their favorite scale action figures. We hope you help support us with some of the art we are bring to the product area.

Here we have 1/1 1/6 and 1/10 action figure from Hot Toys and ZD Toys featuring the Iron Man Mark 42.

Pros 1/6 over other:

  • Very hight details in head sculpt and outfits to match many action movies and real life apparels.
  • Create of high detail photos and videos.

Cons 1/6 over other:

  • Cost is much higher.
  • Some items tend not to survive the test of time. Although this can be true of the ball joints on smaller scale action figures.
  • Most are not designed to be consider or used as toys, unlike the smaller scales action figures.
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