Hot Toys Biodegraded

Item: MMS 239 Black Widow from Hot Toys Limited
Source: Sideshow Collectibles

Issue: pleather peels off as it biodegrades

The piece featured here was ordered new back in August of 2014 and it had not been touched for several years. When she was brought out to work on a project it was discovered that something was not right. The outfit was falling apart, it was later found that this was a common issue with this action figure.

If you are trying to find Hot Toys Black Widows action figures to add to your Marvel collection, there is something to watch out for, this item does not withstand the test of time. Even if the box has never been open, there is a good chance that the outfit is degrading.

As we look back at the Marvel’s Captain America The Winter Soldier Hot Toy Limited Movie Masterpiece, we have found that the outfit has a simulated leather that does not last. When searching online for a project, it was found that the majority of collectors that had this action figure, all had issues with the outfit biodegrading.

The main area of degrading was around the boots and accessories.(holster) It was not limited to those areas and found that any type of new posing of the action figure would do more damage to the outfit. This appears to be true for most Hot Toys action figures with pleather material in them.


  • Body very articulate
  • Head Sculpt by JC. Hong is a great likeness of the actor Scarlett Johansson
  • Details accessories
  • Box and Box Art
  • Great DIY mod project


  • Outfit constricts articulation
  • Non Dynamic Posing Stand
  • hands are hard to attach
  • guns tend to fall out of holster in some extreme poses
  • Value as a collectible item falls due to biodegrading outfit
  • outfit hard to remove(mod required- belt)

We have created a download image set in HD of the action figure’s outfit damage. Funds collected will go to a project Mod of the MMS 239 which we think will look just as good. It will not replicate the movie masterpiece series version, but we think it will be a nice addition to any collection.

Hot Toys Degraded

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