Elf Archer – White 1/6 Scale Action Figure

Release Date: Phicen never published release date
Posted Pre-order: June 2021
Scale: 1/6
Price: 184USD
Status: Sold out Oct 2021 via Phicen

TBLeague is adding more characters this year. Pre-orders are being taken on the Phicen website. One of the latest in their inventory is Elf Archer – White 1/6 Scale Action Figure.

Elf Archers are no strangers to the fantasy world. TBLeague is getting ready to release their take on this iconic character.

Posable hood and skirt – Fans have always wished that cloaks, capes and even clothes would have a wire to allow one to shape outfit along with the pose. This seems to have been answered in the upcoming release of the Elf Archer.

Hood with ear holes – Our only wish is that they don’t add the ear holes on the hood in the release version. If one is a mixed race of Elf and Non-Elf, hiding the ears would be something to consider.

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