Stand Pros and Cons

Action Figure Stands

Were you disappointed that your  action figure didn’t come with a stand? With such a big investment in collectibles sometime it is the little things we forget. It is ok to keep your collection cost down, but remember you need to also protect your investment.

Self Standing Figure

So many action figures these days can stand on their own. Dynamic poses are a challenge and sometime it  becomes a balancing act. But, even the very basic pose can come at risk. We feel the most important use of stands is to protect your action figure from falling over. When an action figure falls on its nicely sculpted head, if it survives, can sometime chip the paint. Collectors must decide what is important to them when using stands both for photography, displaying and simply just having fun.

Pros and Cons of Stands


  • Keeps your action figure stable when on display even from small vibrations.
  • Theme stands can also help tell the origin story.
  • Dynamic Stands allow for exciting displays.
  • Many third party stands available for most display tastes.


  • Can damage the action figure(leave marks or punctures marks).
  • Without a stand your action figure may be subject to a bad fall.
  • Not all action figures come with a stand.
  • unsightly look to your display.
  • Not all stand can support the weight of the figure.
  • Plastic stands tend to fracture at the clip joints.


BTS Bloopers: Toy Photography can come at a risk.

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