JIAOU Seamless Bodies

It was time we took a look at the Jiaou action figure seamless bodies. We have to say it was hard trying to find skin tones and part numbers, as well as the years they came out. As of this post Version 3.0 is what we ventured into.

It was decided to try the natural skin tone, there being four types. It was kinda of a bad choice and we maybe should have tried the suntan first. We also op for the Slender Type. Upon arrival we knew the skin tone was going to be an issue. Things looked promising and then it went bad. We will cover more about the body and body type, but first we need to address the issues we had.

First, the body has a small crack in the arm.(Not sure how old the item is or how it was stored). We found the crack or tear(hole) when putting on a tight top. Because it was in the back and we could live with for the price, we op to keep it and not hassle with the return.

Second, skin flake, if you every seen this in TBLeague bodies, you know what we mean. The big problem was that the more we tried on outfits the more flaking appeared.

And third, skin tone. The natural skin works with a few head sculpts but we found that it did not match as close as the TBLeague pale skin. (there is JIAOU pale but again we opt for natural).

The natural skin tone is more pink even though we understand there is a pink skin tone too. We doubled check the box code as we thought maybe it was the pink by accident, no such luck. This leads us to some Pros and Cons.


  • Quality is below TBLeague’s standards.
  • Have yet to match codes and years of date of manufacturer.
  • Skin flaking(peeling) is excessive
  • neck is hard to articulate
  • Lighter in weight(guess this can pro too)
  • Feet accessories have no toes(designed for hallow shoes)

    Before you consider getting one:

Pros(based on body we chosen):

  • Dynamic stand
  • 5 pairs of hands
  • Hands Sculpts are nicer that TBLeague but a bit Barbie-ish(maybe due to skin tone)
  • Articulation is as good as TBLeague.


  • Simulated rib cage
  • Butt is curvy and make for nice shape, but this is lost if the right outfit is not used to accent.
  • Some noticeable muscular features in back and front and arms.
  • Silicon is softer than TBLeague and easy to pinch and feel the steel frame.
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