Wonder Woman MMS 359

It is hard not to talk about Hot Toys 1:6th action figures, as they are one of the most valued collectibles on the market stores. Unlike TBLeague though the articulation of the majority of the body is more ball joint than seamless skeleton. Hot Toys has mixed partial seamless design into many of their male action figures such as in the Marvel characters like Thor. One of the most sought out features are the details in the head sculpts and costumes and are often very close to the movie versions.


  • Head Sculpt – Lots of details and close to actress in movie version
  • Outfit – Color is fantastic and high details in simulated armor
  • Accessories – shield, sword and gauntlets
  • body size and shape tends to resemble the actress from the movie, Gal Gadot who is 5 feet 10 inch(11.6in 1/6)


  • limited articulation
  • Paint tends to bleed and stain
  • skirt is very thin and is damaged easily
  • skin is easily damaged if left in extreme positions for long periods
  • stand post is too short(pinch around skirt tends to damage skirt)


Partially Seamless body(non Phicen/TBLeague)

Wonder Woman

Toy Photography

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