Color Matching

Head Sculpt Color Matching

If you are not doing color mods to your seamless bodies or heads, then it best to try and match your body color with the head color.

Here is a simple guide about head to body color schemes and will be updating more as we add to the site. Currently we will look at Hot Toys Limited and TBLeague bodies, even though Hot Toys tend not to be seamless bodies (many do seamless body mods of their Hot Toys Action Figures).

  • Hot Toys Body (suntan) – Darker than TBLeague suntan bodies
  • TBLeague Body (suntan) –  Suntan heads are slightly darker but consider a match
  • TBLeague Body (pale) – Pale heads are almost an exact match
  • TBLeague Themed Body – Head colors are exact match

If we were to rate the details of brands of head sculpts, Hot Toys heads are at the top.(Movie Masterpiece Series) There are many talented artist who create variant facial express heads which are usually more to the likings of many collectors.



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