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When planning your next scale project or conversion, we understand there are several items of consideration. Not only do you want to keep your costs down, but you want to know what works best for the goals set out in your project.

We are building and creating a list of searchable codes which can be used on youtube and google keyword search tools. Because some of the content users produce with Action Figures, we have elected to provide external links for you to pick and choose. Some items may not be suitable for young people and we are aware of this fact. We don’t have control over what shows up on the search, so we ask you keep an open mind.

We are adding more dimensions to the item list details as we get help from the 1/6 scale community. We encourage fans to submit their finds and help us expand the list details.

Featured illustration here by Steel Game Universe, shows how one can use various camera angles of the same pose to make for multiple comic book cells from those angles.

Access Codes can be found here: Action Figures


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